Celebrity Big Brother’s Vicky labelled a “vicious old minger” by Holly Hagan

Posted on Sep 15 2013 - 8:23am by Anne Smith

Celebrity Big Brother’s Vicky Entwistle has been branded a “vicious old minger” by Geordie Shore’s Holly Hagan. Holly was sticking up for her pal Charlotte Crosby, who is in the CBB house with Vicky. She lashed out after seeing Vicky call Charlotte a “talentless fat slag from Newcastle”.

“Her talents are getting her tits out and shagging someone. If this is what people want I’m off to Spain,” she complained.

Holly hit out on Twitter, saying:

“When a woman of 45 comments on a 23 year old girls weight I think that’s absolutely rock bottom insult, when Vicky used to be big herself.”

She added:

“Respect is earned Vicky regardless of age, talking to yourself for abit of camera attention vicious old minger.”

Vicky Entwistle has come under fire (Channel 5)

Vicky Entwistle has come under fire (Channel 5)

Charlotte herself had refused to take Vicky’s insults, and labelled her “a stupid gremlin”.

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