A*M*E talks Cheryl Cole backing vocals furore

Posted on Aug 18 2013 - 4:22pm by Anne Smith

Rising star A*M*E has spoken about providing backing vocals for Cheryl Cole; a job that caused a minor fuss on Twitter. Before cruising onto the radar in her own right, the singer sang back-up on Cheryl’s track ‘One Thousand’, which was released as part of her A Million Lights LP last summer.

However, some Twitter users – including MNEK – piped up claiming that A*M*E’s voice was actually louder than Cheryl’s on the chorus. She was not credited.

Speaking to AMAZEPOP, A*M*E explained:

“We didn’t cross paths at all. I had originally recorded the song, but it wasn’t quite right for me. Then Cheryl picked it up and asked me to put backing vocals on it, so I did!”

A*M*E previously recorded with Cheryl Cole (PR)

A*M*E previously recorded with Cheryl Cole (PR)

When asked if she thought she should have been credited for her appearance, she coyly said:

“You know… Things happen.  mean, it’s quite funny that people do say that.”

She also said of her own album, which she aims to release later this year:

“There is an album but there is no set date.

“Hoping for the end of this year or early next year. I went to LA for sixteen days over the last few months, yeah, did most of that. It was awesome.”

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