Keira Knightley would ‘discourage’ daughter from showbiz

Posted on Jun 3 2014 - 5:27pm by Shaun Kitchener

Keira Knightley has said in a new interview that she would never want her daughter to become a young celebrity.

The actress tells Elle magazine that she would be “totally discouraging” to her offspring if she wanted to go for a career in the public eye from an early age.


Keira Knightley in Begin Again (Photo: PR)

She told the mag:

“I’d absolutely tell her not to. I would 150 million trillion percent be totally discouraging.

“Teenage years should be done privately. You should be going out and getting unbelievably drunk, getting into ridiculous situations, making mistakes. That’s what that time of life is about and we should do that privately.”

However, she added:

“Saying that, I don’t reget it. I wouldn’t do my life any differently, but having lived through it… There was a very long time when [interviewers] were all: ‘Well you’re a sh*t actress and you’re anorexic and people hate you’ which, for a teenager is a very strange thing.”

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